Chocolate sponge layered with fresh cream and sour cherries. Covered in fresh cream with grated chocolate on the sides. Topped with glacē cherries and shaved chocolate.

Cath’s Cakes opened in 2004, and has continued to provide quality products and service.

Vanilla flan sponges, separated with a layer of custard, and topped with fresh cream, strawberries, apricots, kiwi fruit and passionfruit.

Our proprietor, Cath, is a qualified and experienced chef, and we have well-trained and qualified staff to support her.

Vanilla sponge layered with one layer of custard and fruit salad and one layer of cream and fruit salad. Covered with fresh cream and roasted coconut on the sides. Topped with fresh strawberries, kiwi fruit and apricots.

We strive for excellence in quality, presentation, service and taste.

Chocolate cake with a thick layer of hazelnut ganache and roasted hazelnut. 
Covered in chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts on the sides. Topped with Ferrero Rocher pieces.

We specialise in special cakes for special occasions. Call in to see our wide range of products, and to discuss that next “great cake” you are planning.

We have won a number of awards for excellence, and supply our products right across the metropolitan area of Sydney and beyond.

Contact us straight away

Phone calls are our preference as we spend most of our time in the kitchen, not the office. So if you send us an email, please follow it up with a phone call to ensure that we have received your message.
We specialise in special cakes for special occasions, so please call in to see us to discuss how we can create the best cake for you.