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Cath’s Cakes is a family business that has grown over the years from a very humble start in 2004 where Cath started working by herself with some help from her Nanna and her recipes.


Over time the shop has grown in size as a family business with two of Cath’s children who have become pastry chefs, her mother and now her husband Michael that have joined the team.


Cath’s Cakes has earned a reputation of having not only great quality products, but as a shop that will let you design the cake of your dreams. Our open kitchen is designed to enhance the experience of watching our chefs make and decorate your special masterpiece whether it be a fondant, butter iced or a 3D cake, or you can simply just smell the wonderful aroma of the kitchen and its gourmet pies and pastries.


Along the way Cath’s Cakes has won 5 small business and has received many certificates of appreciation from various community charities and groups which stand as a testament of a great friendly team.

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